Excel - Countif does not equal

Asked By JR on 01-Dec-07 09:20 AM
How to count the number of cells in a column which do not contain a certain
text string?

Teethlessmam replied on 01-Dec-07 09:40 AM
Alan Beban replied on 01-Dec-07 02:00 PM
More responsively,


Alan Beban
Harlan Grove replied on 04-Dec-07 05:24 AM

And on the off chance the OP wants case-sensitive matching, the array

TJ Singh replied on 19-Nov-08 10:33 AM
Funny thing with Excel 2003, using =countif(A1:A14,"Apple"), just does not seem to count at times,but changing it to "Apples" gets you a count? Is it a bug or is it about Microsoft and Apple?
Bernie Deitrick replied on 19-Nov-08 10:53 AM
Apple <> Apples



MS Excel MVP