Excel - rounding to nearest 100

Asked By rdwngr2 on 17-Dec-07 05:50 PM
is there a way to have a cell round to the nearest 100 up and or down?

if i have 4.595 i would like it to round up to 5 but if i change it 4.493 i
would like it to round down to 4.

looking for a formula that would work for both in one cell

Teethlessmam replied on 17-Dec-07 06:19 PM
Bernard Liengme replied on 17-Dec-07 06:21 PM
would like it to round down to 4"
That is NOT rounding to nearest hundred but to nearest integer
With either number in A1 use =ROUND(A1,0)

Rounding to nearest hundred: 123 becomes 100 while 478 becomes 500
Use =ROUND(A1,-2)
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Bernard V Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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