Excel - How do I scan in a worksheet so that I can edit or add data?

Asked By beaco on 29-Feb-08 11:06 AM
I have a worksheet that I can scan but it will not let me enter in any data.
How do I make it work?

FSt replied on 29-Feb-08 12:53 PM
hard to say. some older scanners only scanned documents as pictures making
them impossible to edit.
some newer scanners come with OCR software (optical character recognition)
making it possible to scan as text. a text file can be opened in xl as a text
check your scanner's documentation for OCR software.
if you don't have OCR software, check this out....


Gord Dibben replied on 29-Feb-08 06:26 PM
Just a note to add.

It is unlikely that your OCR application will scan 100% but some can get close,
especially with standard fonts.

Expect to have a bit of editing after the scan and dump to Excel.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP