Excel - Sumifs - greater than criteria with a Cell Reference

Asked By Dwei on 27-Mar-08 03:48 PM
2007 excel sumifs problem,

I am trying to us a sumif with multiple ranges and criteria but am having on
bug, with cell referenceing when using it with a greater or less than

sumifs(sum range, criteria range, <(G6))
where G6 equalls and input cell.
When I substitiute G6 with "<10" it works but when using a cell reference
instead of 10, nothing works.


Dave Peterson replied on 27-Mar-08 03:59 PM

Not sure why you want to use =sumifs().


Dave Peterson
PCLIVE replied on 27-Mar-08 04:02 PM
You could use SUMPRODUCT.




Dwei replied on 27-Mar-08 04:18 PM
I have multiple criteria and ranges.

Anyway your answer worked ("<"&g6)

Thanks for your help.
Kerem replied on 24-Jun-09 12:37 PM
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