Excel - Printing "Freeze Panes"

Asked By sh219 on 25-Jun-08 02:16 PM
Is it possible to print my document so that the same (heading) row is at the
top of each new page?  Something like what is achieved using the "freeze
panes" option, but on the hard copy.  I can't just use the header to achieve
my intended result.

Marcel replied on 25-Jun-08 02:28 PM
select FILE on the menu and PAGE SETUP, on the sheet tab, select the rows to
repeat at top.

regards from Brazil
Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Ernie Lippert replied on 25-Jun-08 02:38 PM
Yes, you can. Go to Tools>Page Setup>Sheet then use Rows to repeat at top to
select the heading you want on each new pare.
Ernie Lippert
j B replied to Ernie Lippert on 11-Apr-12 05:30 PM
Thank you!  This is so helpful.  I used this to create a tracking worksheet with a lot of inputs for a calendar.

In some ways it's also like "split view", in that it keeps the same stuff at the start of every page.

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