Excel - What does the ! notation mean in excel financial formulas?

Asked By lady ninj on 10-Jul-08 11:56 AM
I am learning how to do NPV and breakeven analysis, and one of the
spreadsheet examples has "Breakeven!B7".  What does that mean?

Peo Sjoblom replied on 10-Jul-08 12:08 PM
When you use sheetnames in a formula you need to add the exclamation point
so Breakeven!B7 refers to cell B7 in a sheet named Breakeven.
Excel will enter these automatically, if you type an equal sign and click on
another sheet tab and then on a cell A1 in that sheet and press enter you
will see


where Sheetname is the name of the sheet



Peo Sjoblom
gary.brown.deletethispar replied on 10-Jul-08 01:45 PM
The information to the left of the '!' is the name of the worksheet.
The information to the right of the '!' is the cell reference or range.

Breakeven is the name of the worksheet/tab.
B7 is the address of the cell being referenced.

Hope this helps.
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Gary Brown
ladyninj replied on 14-Jul-08 06:57 PM
Thanks Gary!!!!