Excel - Excel Loan Repayment Schedule template.

Asked By steveg on 12-Jul-08 02:06 PM
I am unfamiliar with using Excel.  I want to be able to print out a sheet to
keep track of bi-monthly loan repayments for period of time.

Is there help?

FSt replied on 12-Jul-08 02:18 PM
since you mentions about templates in your subject header...
microsoft has a number of templates for all kinds of things
see there following link for templates home
this link is a loan amortization schedule
if it is not to your liking you may have to hunt throught the templates home
to find one you your liking.

steveg replied on 12-Jul-08 05:23 PM
I have the template, as dense as I am I can't figure out how to use it.  I
put appropriate info in the template spaces, but then I don't know what to
expect next.  I am unable to enter anything in the field areas.  I guess
maybe I don't know how to use Excel.  Thanks for your help.
ryguy727 replied on 12-Jul-08 06:36 PM

If that doesn't give you what you want, look here:

There are lots of FREE templates there!!