Excel - Keyboard shortcut for Paste Special-Values

Asked By skoesk on 18-Jul-08 03:24 PM
I find myself using "Paste Special - Values" a ton, a keyboard shortcut for
this function would be fabulous.

I'd also like to see a keyboard short cut for "Paste Special" in powerpoint
to drop spreadsheets and graphs in as pictures.

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tipsoftheweek at gmail dot com replied on 18-Jul-08 03:29 PM
You can use the ALT shortcuts too.  Paste Special Values is ALT+E,S,V

This works for both PowerPoint and Word.

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Mark replied on 18-Jul-08 03:30 PM
Not sure specifically, but in Word it is Ctrl/Alt/v.

Cheers, Mark
RagDyer replied on 18-Jul-08 04:19 PM
You can add "Paste Values"  to your toolbar.

Right click in the toolbar and choose "Customize".

Under the <Commands> tab,
in the left window, click on "Edit".

In the right window, scroll down until you see:

Then click on it and drag to your toolbar.


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Michael replied to skoesk on 10-Apr-10 01:55 AM
Perhaps an addition would be the ability to assign meaning to an open hot
key, example ctrl-alt-shift-v might mean past values in Excel.

The ctrl-alt-v does indeed bring up the past special dialog box in excel
2007 and is quite useful.
p45cal replied to Michael on 10-Apr-10 06:53 AM
Michael;695668 Wrote:
Perhaps an addition would be the ability to assign meaning to an open

Easier for one hand:
Alt+e, then s,v,Enter

Apart from that, you can; create this macro:

VBA Code:

Sub Macro5()
Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
End Sub


then in the- Macros|View Macros- dialogue box, select it, click options
and assign it the hot key combination you want. Works here.


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