Excel - putting help text in the animated bubble

Asked By Pete Derkowski on 30-Jul-08 11:12 AM
I received an xls file that has customized help text showing up in an
animated help bubble when I move the cursor over the various columns.   The
creator of the xls file is no longer around and I'm trying to figure out how
it's done.

Does anyone know how to create help text and have it appear in the animated
help bubble on a scroll over ?

Pete Derkowski

Pete Derkowski replied on 30-Jul-08 11:22 AM
Correction: it is not a scroll over.. it is when you click any cell within the

Peo Sjoblom replied on 30-Jul-08 11:30 AM
What do you mean by animated?

Under data>validation you can put in a message that will show up when you
select the cell.



Peo Sjoblom
Pete Derkowski replied on 30-Jul-08 01:53 PM
I played around a bit... it's the Office Assistant.   The Office Assistant's
bubble is where the help text is displayed.   If I hide the Assistant, the
help text then pops up in a little box whenever the cell on the col is

I'll check out the data ... validation thing - maybe that's it.   :-)