Excel - Excel functions do not execute

Asked By Bil on 21-Sep-08 04:24 PM
I have an Excel spreadsheet and when I enter a function, for example
=if(l2="", j2, l2) it enters the function text and does not execute the
function. Also, logical formulas do not execute. For example, entering =a2 in
cell a3 returns "=a2" and not the contents of cell a2. Can anyone advise me
on resolving this problem?

Thank you.

David Biddulph replied on 21-Sep-08 04:31 PM
Either Control ` (Control backquote) to toggle on and off display of
formulae across the whole worksheet,
or you've got the cells formatted as text.  If so, format as general and
then re-enter the formula.
David Biddulph
JM replied on 21-Sep-08 04:35 PM
if the cell is formatted as text, format it as general and re-confirm your
function by hitting F2 (edit mode) then enter.

Or, you could have show formulas on.  Tools/Options/View - uncheck formulas.
Or hit Ctrl ~
David Biddulph replied on 21-Sep-08 04:46 PM
Are you sure you mean Ctrl ~ ?  Shouldn't it be Ctrl ` ?  [Or perhaps it is
different with different settings?]
David Biddulph
JM replied on 21-Sep-08 05:06 PM
Yes - I intended ctrl `

On my keyboard it is the same key and I always remember it as Ctrl ~, but
that is technically incorrect.