Excel - how do i calculate the difference plus or minus between two numbe.

Asked By Steve Pato on 06-Oct-08 01:01 PM
I am trying to calculate the difference month on month of sales figures
whether up or down any ideas how I can do it with excell

pdberge replied on 06-Oct-08 01:47 PM
Steve --

Do you mean comparing Oct 08 to Oct 07?

A            B            C
1    Oct 07      Oct 08      % diff
2    $10000    $11000    =(B2-A2)/A2

formatting column C as % would show the difference as a percentage of the
2007 month.

Fred Smith replied on 06-Oct-08 03:27 PM
Calculating the difference between two numbers is called subtraction. You do
it with this kind of formula in Excel: