Excel - Prevent unhide sheet

Asked By joekru9 on 28-Oct-08 09:23 PM
I know how to hide a sheet but i do i prevent a user from performing the
unhide? Does it have to be done using VB or hiding a particular toolbar?


Dave Peterson replied on 28-Oct-08 09:52 PM
You could protect the workbook.
Tools|Protection|Protect workbook|Check Structure
(in xl2003 menus)

But this kind of protection is easily broken.

If you have information that shouldn't be seen by others, then don't put it into

If you have to put it in excel, then don't share that file with others.


Dave Peterson
ShaneDevenshir replied on 29-Oct-08 12:56 AM

Try this:
1. Right click any toolbar and turn on Control Toolbox
2. Click the Properties button
3. Change the Visible property to xlVeryHidden
4. Press Alt+F11 and select your workbook in the Project window.
5. Choose Tools, VBA Project Properties,
6. Choose Protection and check Lock project for viewing and add a password.
7. Close the file and reopen it.

All passwords can be broken, but some are easier to break than others.

Shane Devenshire