Excel - What does the $ sign mean in spreadsheet calculations?

Asked By Charles on 17-Feb-09 06:06 AM
I am trying to construct a spreadsheet to calculate the amount of annual
leave due to people when they change their working habits throughout the
year.  I want to be able to show the person how the calculation has been
arrived at and also want to be able to re-use the spreadsheet time and time
again.  I am using Excel 2003.

Can you please help?

Thank you.

Pete_UK replied on 18-Feb-09 08:16 PM
Your description doesn't relate to the question you asked as the title
for this thread, so I'm not sure what you want an answer for.

The $ symbol is used to fix cell references so that either the row or
column (or both) do not change when a formula is copied across or down
- look in XL Help under Absolute referencing for further details.

Hope this helps.


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GarysStuden replied on 17-Feb-09 06:16 AM
The $ means that the cell reference is absolute rather than relative.
Gary''s Student - gsnu200834