Excel - How do I save only active worksheet without save all of worksheet

Asked By drot on 21-Feb-09 11:44 AM
Excel 2003
I have formatted copy of existing worksheet and inserted in to new worksheet
I do not want the worksheet I edited to change from orginal content.
I am unsure how to save only the active worksheet with out saving the others.

David Biddulph replied on 21-Feb-09 11:53 AM
Save will save a workbook, not a worksheet.
It sounds as though you need to move your new worksheet into a new workbook
and save that.
If you want a copy of that added as an extra sheet to your original
workbook, close the original book without saving, then reopen and copy from
your new workbook into your old one.
David Biddulph
Dave Peterson replied on 21-Feb-09 12:11 PM
If that worksheet is going to be used as a template, you may want to just hide
that sheet.  Most users won't know where to look or even care.

Select the sheet to hide

Just unhide it when you need to use it to make another copy.


Dave Peterson