Excel - count if the two cells are equal

Asked By sdwilso on 03-Mar-09 02:34 AM
What do I use if I have two collums of data and I want to count how many of
them are the same
ie - A1 has a value of 1.1 while B1 has a value of 1.1
A2 has a value of 1.2 while B2 has a value of 1.4
I want the function to tell me that out of those two - one of those valus
remain the same in the next

Stef replied on 03-Mar-09 02:55 AM
One way:
Adjust ranges to the real size of columns!


„sdwilson” ezt írta:
David Biddulph replied on 03-Mar-09 02:59 AM
but if you want to omit rows where both are blank, try
=SUMPRODUCT(--(A1:A20=B1:B20),--(A1:A20<>"")) or
David Biddulph
sdwilso replied on 04-Mar-09 03:41 AM
Thanks! That worked but now i have another problem!
I am using the same formula but > rather then =
When I add information, the formula adjusts however if I take that
information away, the formula doesn't change! THis also happens with COUNTA
function as well. Any ideas???
Dave Peterson replied on 04-Mar-09 08:13 AM
Make sure you are in automatic calculation mode.

In xl2003:
tools|options|calculation tab


Dave Peterson