Excel - IF Formulas and Summing Results

Asked By WilliamsDeLisl on 08-Apr-09 03:36 PM
HOW do you calculate the totals in a range of cells with IF formula results?

Mike replied on 08-Apr-09 03:38 PM
Post some sample data with expected result
WilliamsDeLisl replied on 08-Apr-09 03:45 PM
Running total each month: IF formula in column 2 is:

RESULTS NEEDED:  20 or 30 or 40 depending upon the monthly total in column 2

Jul-08	10.00
Aug-08	10.00
Sep-08	0.00
Oct-08	0.00
Nov-08	0.00
Dec-08	0.00
Jan-09	0.00
Feb-09	0.00
Mar-09	0.00
Apr-09	0.00
May-09	0.00
Jun-09	0.00
Marcel replied on 08-Apr-09 05:40 PM
are you looking for  sumif function?
regards from Brazil
Thanks in advance for your feedback.
WilliamsDeLisl replied on 08-Apr-09 05:53 PM
I can not get the SUM IF function to return any results but zero.
Ashish Mathur replied on 08-Apr-09 08:44 PM

Please remove the quote from around the numbers in the IF formula.  If for
some reason you cannot do so, then you may use =SUMPRODUCT(C4:C6*1)


Ashish Mathur
Microsoft Excel MVP
WilliamsDeLisl replied on 09-Apr-09 09:40 AM
THANK YOU! This was such an easy solution I would hope that Excel would
incorporate it into their Help guides. I spent so much time and all it took
was removing the quotes from the numbers in the formula. You Rock!!!
Ashish Mathur replied on 09-Apr-09 09:46 PM
you are welcome.  Thank you for the feedback


Ashish Mathur
Microsoft Excel MVP