Excel - calculate square feet

Asked By Walt on 13-Aug-09 09:11 PM
I need to know how to calculate volume in square feet. Example:
51/2"X2'X58" (five and one-half inched by two feet by 58 inches)=? sq. feet


Jacob Skaria replied on 13-Aug-09 09:36 PM
5 and half inch * 2 feet * 58 inch

=5.5*(2*12)*58 square inches.

to square feet

=53.1666 square ft

PS: if you mean 5 feet and .5 inches then the calculation would be

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Jacob Skaria
Bernard Liengme replied on 13-Aug-09 10:11 PM
If you are finding a volume then the answer is in CUBIC feet not SQUARE feet
=5.5*(2*12)*58 =7676 cubic inches
=5.5*(2*12)*58 /(12*12*12) =4.43 ft³
Bernard V Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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Dana DeLouis replied on 13-Aug-09 11:07 PM
Hi.  One other way...

=PRODUCT(5.5/12, 2, 58/12)

=4.43 Cubic Feet

= = = = =
Dana DeLouis
Jacob Skaria replied on 14-Aug-09 12:35 AM
Oops; it is cubic feet....(my mistake)

and should be divided by (12*12*12)..