Excel - Recurring date formula

Asked By Mc/ on 07-Sep-09 12:34 PM
How can I create a formula which will results in setting recurring dates when
copied down a column.  I want the date to be on the 3rd Wednesday of each
month.  Each row would be for a successive month.  This is essentially like
the process available in Outlook for scheduling appointments,  set the
recurring criteria and it calculates the specific dates.

T. Valko replied on 07-Sep-09 01:17 PM
Enter the first date in a cell:

A1 = 1/21/2009 = 3rd Wed in Jan 2009

Enter this formula in A2 and copy down as needed:


Microsoft Excel MVP
T. Valko replied on 07-Sep-09 09:47 PM
I did dome tinkering and was able to reduce that to:


Microsoft Excel MVP
DeanLinCPR replied on 20-Oct-09 02:40 PM
I have a similar question.  I tried Formulas and got #VALUE! in A2  I did a
copy paste to be sure I did not have syntax errors and the same thing.  What I
want mine to do is list every Sunday beginning on November 25, 2009
Glenn replied on 20-Oct-09 03:34 PM
November 25, 2009 is not a Sunday, but you could enter this and copy down as needed:


Don't forget to format the cells as date.