Excel - How to calculate projected sales for 2011?

Asked By Chrissy on 06-Oct-09 09:18 PM
Need help on how to find a formula that will help me calculate projected
sales for 2001. Needing to find in quarters

smartin replied on 06-Oct-09 10:27 PM
Even assuming you meant "sales for 2011" per your earlier post,
projecting sales requires knowledge of past sales and future
expectations. There is no one-size-fits-all-formula to incorporate all
of this.

What kind of information do you have?
JoeU2004 replied on 06-Oct-09 10:34 PM
Most people offer a trivial solution, for example using the FORECAST
function or other similar functions that presume a linear relationship.

But that might be wrong.

First, I suggest that you graph your historical data using Chart Wizard,
choosing the X-Y chart and finding a trendline that fits the historical data
best.  If the linear trendline is truly the best fit, you might use

Second, you should reflect on patterns of sales that might be
circumstantial, not numerical.  For example, seasonal variations, or
interpendencies with the economic trends of other industries.  Integrating
that into your forecast model goes beyond "how to" questions about Excel

This only scratches the surface.  But it might give you something to think
about before jumping into writing formulas.
Chrissy replied on 06-Oct-09 10:51 PM
if my 1st quarter sales were $7500.00 for 2010 what would my projected sales
be for 2011, with a projection rate of 8%.
Jacob Skaria replied on 07-Oct-09 12:32 AM
Take a look at excel help on function TREND()

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Jacob Skaria
David Biddulph replied on 07-Oct-09 12:48 AM
If you are saying that you want to increase the $7500 by 8%, the formula is
=7500*(1+8%) or if your $7500 is in A2, =A2*(1+8%)
David Biddulph