Excel - SUMIF Greater than or equal to

Asked By envy on 28-Oct-09 07:47 PM
Hi -
I am trying to determine the number of customers I get in a specific time
range.  My spreadsheet is as follows:
Tab 1 gives customers and times:
A             B
Time    # Customers
6:05      1
7:30     50
8:15     20

Tab 2 I calculate based on time ranges
A        B              C
Start  End   # of customers
6:01  6:30      need formula
6:31  7:00
7:01  7:30

Does anyone have a good formula?  I have tried a few and the latest one
is not working right:
Any suggestions....

Per Jessen replied on 30-Oct-09 10:50 AM

Look at this:


Barb Reinhardt replied on 28-Oct-09 08:15 PM
I think the arrays need to be the same size.  In one case you have from row 2
to row 200, and in others it is row 4 to 200.

Barb Reinhardt
Jacob Skaria replied on 28-Oct-09 08:36 PM
Another way using sumproduct()


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Jacob Skaria
T. Valko replied on 28-Oct-09 08:56 PM
Works OK for me when you make the ranges the same size:


Note that in Excel 2007 there is a cell address TAB1 so in order for Excel
to know you are referencing a sheet named Tab1 and not the cell address TAB1
the sheet name Tab1 needs to be enclosed in single qoutes: 'Tab1'.

Microsoft Excel MVP