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Asked By Alterac on 12-Jan-10 04:33 AM
I am working with a series of complex equations. I need them to carry a
constant 4 significant figures throughout the entire spread sheet until it is
rounded at the end.  My issue is that I cannot get them all to show.

1)	0.0389
2)	0.2345
These are two different values that hold two different significant figures.
How do I get excel to show all the sig fig???s since the rounding function
seems to be limited.
Thanks for all the help!

P.s. I dont know a lot about macros....

Ron Rosenfeld replied to Alterac on 12-Jan-10 06:41 AM
Try this formula provided by Harlan Grove:


joel replied to Alterac on 12-Jan-10 06:45 AM
Excel Stores your floating point number using IEE Single point precision
using 24 binary places.  Excel automatically drops the trailing zeros
when display the numbers if you use General Format.  The solution is to
format the Cells as Numbers with 4 decimal places.

The math is performed exactly the same way no matter how the cell is
formatted, the results is just display differently.

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Luke M replied to Alterac on 12-Jan-10 08:49 AM
There may be a better way, but one way would be to use this formula:


The text function forces XL to use 4 significant digits and then because its
text, the rest of the value is forgotten. The text is then converted back to
a number.
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Luke M
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Herbert Seidenberg replied to Alterac on 12-Jan-10 03:13 PM
Excel 2007
Engineering and scientific number formats.
Numbers stay numbers, no conversion to text.
Numbers not rounded, just format changes.
Four significant digits displayed, from Meg to Micro.