Excel - how do i copy the result of a formula into another worksheet as te

Asked By RaeRae on 06-May-10 05:38 AM
I have a text formula in one worksheet, adding the text of three cells
together into one cell.   i would then like to copy the resulting text into
another worksheet and not the formula.    Thank you for your help.

Stefi replied to RaeRae on 06-May-10 05:47 AM
You have two options:

1. Refer to the first worksheet: if the concatenation formula is in A1 of
sheet1 then enter =Sheet1!A1 in the cell in sheet 2 where you want to place
the result.

2. Copy Sheet1!A1, PasteSpecial/Values into the required cell in sheet 2.


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trip_to_tokyo replied to RaeRae on 06-May-10 05:50 AM
EXCEL 2007

Assuming that your, "text formula in one worksheet" is in Book1 cell D4.

Go to Book2 cell D4 (or any cell of your choice) type in:-


Book2 cell D4 will now be populated with, "the resulting text into another

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Gord Dibben replied to trip_to_tokyo on 06-May-10 07:49 PM
But that results in a linking formula.

OP wanted values only.

Why not paste special>values?

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP