Excel - Overlap graph multiple axis

Asked By aquaxander on 20-May-10 11:09 AM
I am aware of secondary axis. But is it possible to plot more than 2 types
of data? So, for example I want to plot over time (so week1, week 2, etc =
x-axis). and on the y-axis I want to plot firstly the volume of a particular
product sold. Secondly the weekly price it has been sold at, thirdly the
margin per item and also a percentage of this product as overall number
against all types of this product. This is because all these items will tell
the full story of what is happening and how sales are impacted. Is it
possible to have more than 2 y axis? or somehow 'overlap' different graphs?

Tom-S replied to aquaxander on 22-May-10 08:15 AM
Check out the Excel help pages under Combination Charts and also Secondary

I think that maybe plotting so many things on your chart could make it
confusing, not least in trying to read the values off the y axes and that the
values have different units (volume, price, margin & %) - although maybe
price and margin could be combined on one y axis and either volume or % on
the other.

Give it a go and see how it looks.