Excel - Remove non-space spaces?

Asked By msnyc07 on 29-May-10 06:23 PM
I have a large spreadhsheet with data I have manually copied/pasted from
various sources including web pages.

As I am trying to do things like import to Mysql or even Trim in Excel I
find there are many spaced between words which are not recognized as such (I
know this because they do not Trim, and or when doing shift-arrow to jump
between words they ignore that space)

Is there isome way/function to search for non-space spaces and replace? Is
there isome character set they could belong to?  I was/am hoping for some type
of advanced Trim function but am doubtful that is going to be that easy.

Right now when I find a 'bad' record I select the character that seems to be
a space, and do a search replace on it with space, but that could take

Bernard Liengme replied to msnyc07 on 29-May-10 06:49 PM
In some empty cell type formula =char(160)
This is a non-breaking spaces - it will be invisible
Select and copy that character
Use this in the Find & Replace dialog
best wishes

Bernard Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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Gord Dibben replied to Bernard Liengme on 30-May-10 10:26 AM
Or simply use Alt + 0160  in the replace what dialog.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP
Bernard Liengme replied to Gord Dibben on 31-May-10 09:06 AM
I had tried that without success so went for the copy route
best wishes