Excel - Autocorrect in Excel - "m2" (square meter notification)

Asked By Snoopy on 26-Jan-07 05:18 AM
Hey guys
Do anyone know how to make the autocorrect-function expresse "m2"
(square meter) to a format where "2" is shown as superscript?

Nils Morten

Roger Govier replied on 26-Jan-07 05:37 AM
Hi Nils

You can do this through Tools>Options>Spelling>autocorrect options
Change m2
With    m then Alt+0178
that is type m then hold down the Alt button as you type 0178 (from the
Numeric Keypad only).
Nothing will appear after the m until you finish typing 0178 and release
the Alt key when you should see m²

I would not recommend this. You would not be able to type M2 as a cell
Instead, why not choose a key from your keyboard that you never normally
use like the ¬ key which is Shift + the top left key on my UK keyboard.
Use this as the With key in the change above, then use that whenever you
want to type m²


Roger Govier
MartinW replied on 26-Jan-07 05:40 AM
Hi Nils,

Set replace m2
with m alt+0178

alt+0178 is a unicode character
to input unicode hold the alt button then type 0178 on the
number pad (not the numbers at the top of your keyboard)
then release alt.

Snoopy replied on 26-Jan-07 06:16 AM
Dear Roger and Martin
Thank you very much - this was amazing news.

Have a nice weekend
Bernard Liengme replied on 26-Jan-07 08:13 AM
I like to use something like  m2\ -> m²   in AutoCorrect
Very unlikely I will need m2\ anywhere
best wishes
Bernard V Liengme
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Gord Dibben replied on 26-Jan-07 11:44 AM

Another method is a small macro to add m² to any selected cells.

Sub sq_Meters()
Selection.NumberFormat = "0"" m" & Chr(178) & """"
'0179 for cubic meters
End Sub

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP
Snoopy replied on 15-Feb-07 04:08 AM
Thanks to Gord and Bernard too