Excel - Show Excel in two separate instances/two monitors?

Asked By Ed on 26-Mar-07 06:39 PM
I've recently been upgraded to two monitors (one of the few things IT
has done right around here!).  But try as I might, I can't get two
Excel (2003) workbooks to show in two separate instances so I can put
one on each monitor!  Any solutions?


strive4peace replied on 26-Mar-07 08:13 PM
Hi Ed,

open 2 workbooks -- click the Maximize button (so you are in resize
mode) --- drag a workbook by the titlebar to the second monitor...

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Ed replied on 27-Mar-07 08:42 AM
Hi, Crystal.  I tried that, as well as New Window and a few other
things.  Because there is only one instance of Excel (unlike Word
which opens every document in a new instance of the application), all
the workbooks follow each other around to whichever monitor I drag any
one workbook.  Maybe I need a macro to open a workbook in a separate
application instance.

Dave Peterson replied on 27-Mar-07 10:14 AM
I don't use two monitors, but from what I've read from people who use multiple
monitors, you have to resize the application to cover both monitors.

Then open both workbooks
Then you can use window|arrange and resize the workbook windows so that each is
in one of the monitors.

By the way, MSWord may look like it's in two separate instances, but it's
actually one instance.  If you open multiple documents in MSWord, you'll see
that they appear under the Window option on the menubar.

With tools|Options|view tab|windows in taskbar, you'll see multiple items in the
Applications tab, but only one process in the Processes tab.


Dave Peterson
Ed replied on 27-Mar-07 11:28 AM
Oh, that's good, Dave!  I like that huge screen!  Finally I can see
every column!!

Got it - that works well.  Thank you.

Okay - I'll take your word for it (no pun intended!).  I'm not very
computer savvy when it gets deeper than what I see on my monitor.  I
know the question bounces around the groups from time to time about
this, and I thought I understood it as separate application
instances.  Maybe I only see multiple WINWORD.EXE when I crash my

Thanks for the boost, Dave.
Bob I replied on 27-Mar-07 12:42 PM
Click the Excel button in the Quick Launch bar TWO times.
Ed replied on 27-Mar-07 02:36 PM

Thank you, Bob.  A perfect solution!  (Which is probably why I
cuoldn't see it!)

Bob I replied on 27-Mar-07 04:29 PM
You're perfectly welcome, enjoy!  ;-)
Dave Peterson replied on 27-Mar-07 05:35 PM
You may find that having two instances of excel causes problems--especially when
trying to communicate between them.

Try copying a range with some formulas from one instance to another instance.


Dave Peterson
Ed replied on 28-Mar-07 09:14 AM
I just tried that, Dave, and you're right.  I had one workbook with
formulas and conditional formatting in one monitor, and opened a new
instance of Excel with a new workbook in the other monitor.  I copied
a range form the first book and tried Paste Special in the second
book.  It gave me a list of options like Workbook Object, Enhanced
Metafile, Bitmap, etc. rather than the list of Values, Formulas,
Formatting, Column Width, etc that I expected.

So I presume that I will need to generally stick with stretching the
one instance over two monitors, and might occasionally be able to use
the two instances (only because it's less of a pain to set up).

Thanks for your help.
Dave Peterson replied on 28-Mar-07 09:49 AM
That seems like a good solution--although separate instances would be very rare
for me.


Dave Peterson