Excel - Drop Down list font too small... help please

Asked By Mike on 14-Apr-07 08:25 AM
Hi all,

I have a drop down list - well many actually that are working fine....
except that the values in the drop-down list are literally too amall
to read (at least for me!!!).

The choice selected will display correctly ( font size etc. ) in the
correct cell,  but a fter clicking the arow in the cell to access the
drop-down list, the values in that list are approx a font size 8 -
instead of 12.  Once chosen the valus appears correctly.

How do I force the displayed font in the drop-down list to be larger?



Bob Phillips replied on 14-Apr-07 08:33 AM
See http://www.contextures.com/xlDataVal08.html#Font



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RonCoderr replied on 14-Apr-07 08:34 AM
Debra Dalgleish covers the drop-down list font-size issue on her website:


Does that help?

XL2002, WinXP
Mike replied on 14-Apr-07 09:32 AM
Thanks to all - that is actually very cool ....

IS there a way to get it to return to the default zoom level ---
whatever the user has previously chosen ?

Awesome & quick - thanks

Don Guillett replied on 14-Apr-07 12:36 PM
oldzoom = ActiveWindow.Zoom
do your thing

Don Guillett
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