Excel - Format Painter Shortcut

Asked By Bill on 18-Jun-07 11:51 PM
Anyone know a keyboard shortcut to activate the Format painter?

Thank you, Bill

Joerg replied on 20-Jun-07 03:13 AM
You can't activate it with a built-in shortcut. And here is the really bad
performs something like "CopySpecial" by copying only formats. VBA kowns
only a Copy method, which does not provide a possibility to mimic what the
format painter does.

The usual way to provide keyboard-only operation is to perform a normal copy
(Ctrl+C) and then assign a keyboard shortcut to a macro which provides the
Paste Special functionality. You can find an example here:

I don't like this approach since it's too easy to accidentally perform a
normal paste instead of pasting only formats, but other people may find it


Joerg Mochikun
Bill replied on 27-Jun-07 07:10 PM
Thank you for the reply, very helpful information!

psimo replied on 03-Aug-07 09:02 AM
By "keyboard shortcut", I assume you want to perform this using the
keyboard rather than the mouse.  Here are the keystrokes you can use,
although I don't know how "short" you'll consider it.

First, highlight the cell(s) whose format you want to copy, then do
Ctrl+C for copy.  Then highlight the cell(s) to which you want to copy
the format and do the following "shortcut" keystrokes:

Alt+E, S, t, Enter

(Ignore the dialog boxes that come up on screen as you do this.)
Srinivasa Rao replied on 29-Jun-09 05:48 AM
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karthick ganesan replied to psimo on 08-Sep-10 02:15 AM
I tried this shortcut in my document. It is cool shortcut. Thanks for your valuable tip.
Baldie McFlynnstone replied to Bill on 07-Oct-10 10:57 AM
If you add the format painter to the quick access toolbar in excel 2007, you can utilize alt+(number) to access it depending on what else you have in that toolbar.

I have 4 items up there, with the paintbrush in spot 4.

Alt+4 gives me the paintbrush on the current selection.

Then I navigate to the range I want to apply it to (keyboard arrows or mouse if it is not adjacent)

Hope that helps.

Regards -