Excel - Copy Multiple Sheets Into One Sheet

Asked By Michael on 26-Jun-07 12:10 PM
Hi Folks - I track monthly sales in separate worksheets (Jan, Feb, Mar,
etc.). At the end of the year, I need to analyze the monthly sales figures
on a yearly basis. So, I create a new sheet and copy the individual monthly
sheet data to the new sheet. This is a little time consuming. Is there a
more efficient way to basically merge and append multiple sheets into one
sheet? Thanks in advance.


Ron de Bruin replied on 26-Jun-07 12:28 PM
Hi Michael

See my site for a few examples


Regards Ron de Bruin
Earl Kiosterud replied on 26-Jun-07 01:12 PM
Take a look at "Data across multiple sheets" at
Earl Kiosterud

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Ron de Bruin replied on 26-Jun-07 01:18 PM
Sorry I post the wrong link


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Mr. K replied on 26-Jun-07 07:39 PM

There are many solutions for this problem, it depends on how many
cells you are talking about, layout of your worksheet or import format
of all of this data.
1) Hard work - having a sample layout to consolidate all worksheets,
linking each cell with hlookup or vlookup. Any additional data will
make you add more formulas to link these cells.

2) Pivot table. Join all data in a specific format, then add for each
worksheet a column indicating the month reference. Copy all 12 months
in consolidated worksheet. Use pivot table to handle and consolidate
all information as you want.Using pivot table you can create custom
formulas and analyze data dynamically.
3) Other suggestions mentioned in replies sent before to you.

Have a good luck.

Mr. K