Excel - Copy Range but Skip blank rows Q Options

Asked By Sean on 27-Jun-07 04:32 AM
How do I copy (values) a range of cells that have blank rows in
between to another range without the blank rows. I thought it was
paste special values-skip blanks, but when I do I still see the blank

eg Copy values in A1:A5 (blank rows are in A2 & A4) to M1:M3


Pete_UK replied on 27-Jun-07 05:22 AM
The Skip Blanks option on Paste Special relates to the destination
range - it allows you to avoid pasting over data which is already
there with blank values in the source range.

To do what you want, apply autofilter to the source range and select
Non-blanks from the filter pull-down - then when you copy this, only
the displayed values will be copied.

Hope this helps.

MartinW replied on 27-Jun-07 05:23 AM
Hi Sean,

In your example
Select A1:A5
Tap F5
Click Special in the Go to Box
Check Constants
and then copy and paste to M1

In your actual data you may have to look at the sub options
in Constants.
i.e. Numbers, Text, Logicals and Errors