Excel - Excel Hyperlink on Network Shared Drive

Asked By Smooth on 29-Jun-07 09:42 AM
My workgroup has a shared drive that everyone has access to. All files
and folders are available to everyone in the group. I've created a
project database using Excel 2003 SP2 that contains hyperlinks to
files that are contained in various folders on the shared drive. These
files are PDF, HTML and MS Word documents, as well as JPG and BMP
images. Everyone in the group can access these files directly, but
only the individual that created the hyperlink can use the hyperlink
to access the referenced file. If another individual tries to use the
hyperlink, the following error message appears.

The address of this site is not valid. Check the address and try

How can we make the hyperlinks useable by everyone in the group?



Dave Peterson replied on 29-Jun-07 12:26 PM
Can you verify that the link still points to the correct location for the users
who are having trouble.

I've found that if I used the UNC path, it worked better than using a letter
mapped to that drive.  (Not all used the same letter!)

And lots of people have said that these hyperlinks (insert|hyperlink style) can
change depending on how the workbook was opened.

You may be able to avoid this problem by:

File|Properties|Summary Tab|Hyperlink Base
change it to C:\
(something that's always available)

Personally, I try to use the =hyperlink() worksheet function.  I think that they
behave much nicer.

=hyperlink("file:////" & $a$1 & a2, "Click me")

if $a$1 contained the path:  \\server\share\folder\folder\
and a2 contained the name of the file:  myFile.doc


Dave Peterson
Mark replied on 03-Jul-07 07:33 AM
Check the direction of the slashes in the hyperlink (on both the PC with the
links that work and on one of the PC that do not).   I have one client who
has one person on their network that the direction of the slash is different
and does not work but all the others do.   I believe it is a problem with
the one person having an older version of Excel.