Excel - Format a column for "True / False"?

Asked By roga on 05-Jul-07 04:38 AM
Having come from Access I am used to creating a field (column) which can be
a "yes\no" or "true\false" but which actually contains "0" or "-1"

Is it possible to do this in excel, and is it possible to have a check box
on the worksheet which will enter the value for me



Bob Phillips replied on 05-Jul-07 04:46 AM
Just use TRUE/FALSE in the column.

If you pick a checkbox from the controls toolbox, and link that to a cell,
that sets the cell value to TRUE/FALSE.



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Dave Peterson replied on 05-Jul-07 07:33 AM
And if you you use a checkbox from the Forms toolbar

you can rightclick on it
choose format control
Control tab
and type in the address of the cell link for that checkbox.

Similar to Bob's suggestion with a checkbox from the Control Toolbox
toolbar--but different.


Dave Peterson