Excel - How to change decimal separators when importing text (csv) files?

Asked By Ron.Hatste on 30-Sep-07 05:00 AM
I have a problem importing text files into Excel 2007.

I'm currently working on a German version of Excel 2007 running on a
German version of Windows XP Pro. Whenever I try to import data from a
text file (csv), every number with a decimal separator is recognized
as text.  This clearly is because of the decimal separators. The csv
files use points to separate decimals, whereas this German Windows is
used to separate decimals using commas.

Although the text import wizard allows me to select what type of
decimal and thousands separators are to be used, the separators are
always reset to the system default. To make this clear: I can select a
point as the decimal separator from the drop down list but Excel 2007
still uses the system standard (comma).

The "old" Excel 2003 had no such problem. Is there any way to overcome
this issue without changing the system standard for decimal separation?

Bernd P replied on 30-Sep-07 08:14 AM

This link might help you: