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Asked By Ultsun1 on 02-Oct-07 02:44 PM

I would like to cut the first character in each cell of column B.

-Example the cell may contain 6008, I would like to change that to
008. Also, cell may contain G302; this should be just 302.

Is there a function or macro that i can use to do this?

I have found a useful function:  =RIGHT(B2,LEN(B2)-1), however it
requires a circular reference to work.

I also did this: =RIGHT(6004,LEN(6004)-1) which doesn't require a
circular reference, however i need to use this function throughout 10

Can someone help me with this function or module?



Ron Coderre replied on 02-Oct-07 02:52 PM
If you actually want to remove the 1st character from the cells...
try this:

Select the single-column range of cells.
From the Excel Main Menu:
...Check: Fixed width
...Click [Next]
...Click after the 1st char to insert a break point
...Click [Next]
Click the 1st col....Check: Do not import column (skip)
Click the 2nd col....Check: Text
Click [Finish]

That will remove the 1st char from each cell and convert the remainder to

Is that something you can work  with?


Ron (XL2003, Win XP)
Microsoft MVP (Excel)
Gord Dibben replied on 02-Oct-07 02:57 PM
=RIGHT(B2,LEN(B2)-1) does not create a circular reference unless entered in B2

If entered in C2 will return the trucated string.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP
Martin replied on 03-Oct-07 02:45 AM
And one more,

=MID(A1,2,5) or
=MID(A1,2,10) or
just make the last value greater than
the most number of characters you
will have in a cell.