Excel - Command Button to refresh Pivot tables

Asked By Ro on 17-Oct-07 12:22 AM
In case the users I will be sending my sheet to, do not have their pivot table
selected, how can I insert a command button that refreshes data, without them
having to select the red !


j0n.v0nd3rh3yd3 replied on 17-Oct-07 08:13 AM
You can add a button from Forms:
View > Toolbars > Forms.
Then drag and drop "Button onto the sheet"

Then hit Alt+F11 > Insert > New Module
Add this code
Sub RePvt()
End Sub

Go back to the button > right click > Assign Macro > RePvt

Note, this will refresh ALL pivot tables in the workbook.

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tro replied on 17-Oct-07 08:34 AM
Hi Ron,

Try using this line of code in the macro assigned to your button:



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