Excel - How to get rid of GETPIVOTDATA function?

Asked By Rafal Hemmerlin on 26-Oct-07 04:56 AM

while addressing cells in a spredsheet from PivotTable Excel 2007 always
puts GetPivotData functionautomatically instead, like old versions, simply
addressing cells (like =B3 or simillar). It makes my formulas very long and
not possible to understand. I wonder if I can switch off this automatic
functuion and tell Excel to address cells just by they simple address?


Bob Umlas replied on 26-Oct-07 08:58 AM
Office button/Excel Options/Formulas/2nd section: deselect "Use GetPivotData
Debra Dalgleish replied on 26-Oct-07 05:29 PM
The Generate GetPivotData command is also on the Ribbon:

Select a cell in the pivot table
On the Ribbon, click the Options tab
At the far left, in the PivotTable group, click the arrow on the Options
Click Generate GetPivotData, to remove the check mark.

Debra Dalgleish