Excel - Hover Message/Flashing Message

Asked By brian.baker1 on 23-Nov-07 06:55 AM

I have two requests:

1) How do I create a hover message when a pointer moves over a cell?

2) How do I create a flashing warning Message in a cell?



Dave Peterson replied on 21-Nov-07 08:35 AM
Insert|Comment (xl2003 menu system)



Dave Peterson
Pete_UK replied on 23-Nov-07 06:55 AM
For flashing text, see here:


(Not really advisable, though)

You can achieve a hover message by inserting a comment - this flashes
up when the pointer moves over a cell. You can also get a message to
appear when you select a cell by using Data | Validation and setting
up an input message.

Hope this helps.


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