Excel - Merge 2 cells

Asked By pwalli on 12-Feb-08 07:41 AM
I have formated 2 Text columns to General and tried every which way to
merge the cells into one. A1 would be "Style" B1 would be "335B".
Cell C1 is formated as general. The formula in cell C1 is =A2&" "&B2.
No matter what I do it only displays the formula.
Tried the same exercise in a new sheet with the same value and it
works just fine.
Any ideas before I go and manually edit 3600 lines if data

Pete_UK replied on 12-Feb-08 07:41 AM
Change the format of cell C1 to General using Format | Cells | Number
tab - it is probably set to Text at present. Then double-click on the
cell as if to edit it and press <enter> in order to bring about the
change of format. Then you can copy the formula down.

Hope this helps.

pwalli replied on 12-Feb-08 07:41 AM
Nope, was formated as General. So I copied columns A and B to a new
sheet and the merged them. Worked just dandy. Copied the result back
with edit-paste special and everyone is happy. I might just copy all
the data to a new sheet. sounds like there is a bug in the
Pete_UK replied on 12-Feb-08 07:41 AM
I am glad you found a solution - thanks for feeding back.


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