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Asked By dyoude on 22-Feb-08 08:59 AM
I have an excel 2003 worksheet that was designed by my predecessor. She used
data validation to create a drop down list with a number of names. However we
need to add a couple of extra names to the list and I can't seem to figure
out how to edit the list. I could just erase the list and create a new one, I
suppose, but I was hoping for an alternate route.
Is there a way to edit this list and add the new names?

GarysStuden replied on 22-Feb-08 09:06 AM
Just click on the cell and:
Data > Validation > Settings
and the source field will tell you where the list is.  You can then edit
that list.
Gary''s Student - gsnu200770
RiskyDav replied on 22-Feb-08 09:08 AM

From the menu bar (assuming you are not using Office 2007):


The "Allow" box should be set to "List"

The "Source" box will contain one of two things, either the list of valid
values for the drop-down or a reference to the cells elsewhere on the sheet
that contain the valid values. Edit either as appropriate.

Note that if a cell reference is used, the text may have been set to white
and the cells locked to try to hide them from accidential/intentional change.


Abhi replied on 30-Jun-09 04:45 PM
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kunal jaiswal replied to GarysStuden on 04-Aug-10 08:50 AM
hi dude ,

thanks i got ,,,,
dayanara tater replied to GarysStuden on 18-Dec-10 09:22 PM

I also had this issue. Now I see the source but do not understand what it means. The source is


Please help.

Thank you!
veronica wcvx replied to GarysStuden on 23-May-12 08:09 PM
Thank goodness for users willing to share. This hint worked and  saved me unforeseen hours of look up and deciphering cryptic manuals. Thanks again.