Excel - How to copy part of a cell into a new cell?

Asked By Copy Bear on 29-Feb-08 07:36 PM
I want copy the cell with 20 numbers and letters to another cell but only
with first 16 numbers and letters.  example: the cell contains

Pete_UK replied on 29-Feb-08 07:41 PM
Assuming your 20 character string is in A1, then put this in B1:


Hope this helps.

Copy Bea replied on 29-Feb-08 08:54 PM
Yes.  It works.  It save me lots of time to modify the work sheet

Thank you
Pete_UK replied on 01-Mar-08 04:17 PM
You're welcome - thanks for feeding back.



uoted text -
Sheri Lynn replied to Pete_UK on 16-Feb-10 10:54 AM
Can you tell me how to do the same thing from the right side?  I tried =RIGHT(A1, ), but not sure what else to put in the parenthesis.
LJ Brun replied to Sheri Lynn on 18-Mar-11 01:45 PM
Starting on the right, just count the number of characters you want to copy. Since you had 20 total and you already copied 16, I'll assume you now want to copy the last 4, so: =RIGHT(a1,4)