Excel - Print preview doesn't show all of the workbook pages to print in 2007

Asked By M Skabialka on 19-Mar-08 12:53 PM
I was going to print a multiple worksheet workbook, selected to print the
entire workbook, then saw that it was spooling 187 pages!  I cancelled it
immediately, though it would have been a good reference, but I was thinking
it was going to be less than couple of dozen sheets.
I went into Print Preview and it would only show me the pages for the
current selected worksheet.
How in Excel 2007 can I find out how many pages will print if I select the
whole workbook?

Jim Rech replied on 19-Mar-08 01:12 PM
When I select all the sheets to be printed and then do a print preview I see
the count of all pages for all sheets.

M Skabialka replied on 19-Mar-08 04:52 PM
Aha!  There are lots of blank pages with only a header!  I think I'll need
to set the print area on most of the worksheets and it should take it down
to a much more manageable printed size.  I can't believe I didn't think of