Excel - Right margin

Asked By Scott on 21-Mar-08 01:13 PM
I am using Office Excel 2003 and discovered an error regarding different
margins for header and body.  I set the margin in page setup but I notice
the right margin for the contents in the right position of header is
different from the right margin of the body.  The margin for the header is
larger than that of the body.  Can someone advise me how to make them in



Gord Dibben replied on 21-Mar-08 05:06 PM
The right edge margin of the right header/footer is set at 3/4 inch.

You cannot change that.

Same for left edge margin of left header/footer.

You can squoosh them inwards by padding with spaces, but that's all the
adjustment you have.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP
Scott replied on 21-Mar-08 08:34 PM
Gord, thanks for your advice.  Is there any reason behind or just the
limitation of Excel?  When I set the page in landscrape and try to use
maximum size and header looks ugly.

Gord Dibben replied on 21-Mar-08 10:29 PM
No idea why the developers imposed that limit on left and right headers/footers.

You could perhaps insert an expanded dummy row at top of print area and place
your header info in that row.

Page setup to have that row "repeat at top" if you have multiple pages to print