Excel - Reference to a worksheet name in a cell on another sheet

Asked By Howard Kaikow on 12-Apr-08 03:06 PM
Is there a way to use a built-in worksheet function, or defined name, to
refer to a worksheet name?

I'd like to fill a cell with the name of a worksheet, yet have the value in
that cell
automatically change if the worksheet name changes.

Shane Devenshire replied on 12-Apr-08 03:18 PM
Hi Howard,

Try something like this:


Where Sheet2!C11 is any cell reference on the sheet whose name you want.
For the active sheet, the one with the formula you can leave out the

Shane Devenshire
Microsoft Excel VBA
Howard Kaikow replied on 12-Apr-08 04:11 PM


Wonder why "sheetname" is not provided as  an Info_type?
Shane Devenshire replied on 13-Apr-08 12:13 AM
Hi Howard,

I have suggested that to Microsoft in the past but nothing has come of it.