Excel - Formula won't copy down the column

Asked By Chi on 09-May-08 02:25 PM
I am trying to copy a formula down a column.  I have done it for years and
worked fine.  This time, the first result appears in each cell, but if you
look at the formula in copied cells, they show the correct formula has
changed as I dragged it down the column.

So, the formula changes as I drag, but the answer stays the same as the
original cell.

The data was sent to me by someone else and I am working with it.  I have
even copied just the delivered data to a new spreadsheet and the same result.

Please help

Ron Coderre replied on 09-May-08 02:30 PM
It sounds like Calculation in Excel is set to Manual.

Try this:
From the Excel Main Menu:
...Check: Automatic

Does that help?
Post back if you have more questions.


Microsoft MVP (Excel)
(XL2003, Win XP)