Excel - Mirror Cells (and Data) in another sheet - Help Needed

Asked By VioletCarter on 20-Jun-08 08:30 PM
As usual when working with this sort of thing i never really know I'm
using the right words to describe what I am trying to do, in any event
I will try to explain this in a way that everyone can understand.

Problem - I'm trying to copy a range of cells (i.e. 5R X 6C) on Sheet
1 and paste them onto Sheet 2, so that when I change data on Sheet 1 -
those changes are also reflected on Sheet 2 automatically.

I know this is probably an Excel 101 question and not soemething for
someone whose been using the thing for over a decade and a half, but I
don't seem to be firing on all cylinder today.


Don Guillett replied on 19-Jun-08 11:02 AM
But just use a formula copied across and then down
Don Guillett
Microsoft MVP Excel
SalesAid Software
VioletCarter replied on 20-Jun-08 08:30 PM
Huh !?!
I'm not sure I follow that.
When i highlight the cells I want (lets say A17 TO C22 - Which comes
up in a Balloon as 6R x 3C) and put that at the end of the formula you
gave me earlier (=sheet1!a1), replacing a1 with 6R x 3C. I get a
value#  error. Am I somehow inputting this incorrectly? Or did I not
explain myself properly in the first case?

Gord Dibben replied on 19-Jun-08 02:30 PM
You can select the range of cells on sheet1 then switch to sheet2, select a cell
and Edit>Paste Special>Paste Links>OK>Esc.

Gord Dibben  MS Excel MVP
RagDyer replied on 19-Jun-08 02:40 PM
Let XL do the formula work for you.

Select the range A17 to C22,
Right click in that selection and choose "Paste".
Navigate to the new sheet and right click in the top left cell of your new
and choose <Paste Special>,
Click on "Paste Links"
And you're done!


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