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Asked By Craig Brandt on 17-Jul-08 06:22 PM
Hi Guys:

I wrote Macros in Excel 2003 that are being run on Excel 2007. I generate a
floating toolbar that works on my system just fine.  When run on Excel 2007
it is tucked under add-ons and we cannot seem to make it float again. Is
this another one of those MS features? Or is there a way to get it back out
where it can be used, as I intended?


Just out of curiosity, what are the major improvements, other then
appearance, that were made with the release of 2007.

Ron de Bruin replied on 17-Jul-08 06:47 PM
Hi Graig

Not possible anymore
Maybe this is a option ?

If not change the ribbon

Excel 2007 is the product of the feedback of users believe it or not.
More rows an columns is one of the biggest changes.

More CF and filter options and ..............................

Take the time to learn it and you will like it after a few months


Regards Ron de Bruin
Craig Brandt replied on 18-Jul-08 09:18 AM
generate a
Craig Brandt replied on 18-Jul-08 09:22 AM

Thanks for your reply. More columns?  I guess that is reason to live with a
little pain.

Thanks again,

generate a