Excel - Ribbon icon size?

Asked By its_my_dime on 21-Aug-08 09:41 PM
Excel 2007.  Also Word 2007.  Is there a way to shrink the icon size so that
the ribbons remain but take up less "top to bottom" space?

Thank you.

H├ęctor Miguel replied on 22-Aug-08 01:57 AM
hi, ?

try double-clicking on any ribbon-tab
or choose "minimize the ribbon" from the QAT options button (right-most)

(you will only see the tabs of the ribbon "optimizing" the space over the work area)

Harald Staff replied on 22-Aug-08 07:09 AM
If you feel brave and have a few spare evenings, you might try Ron DeBruin's
approach as described here:

Best wishes Harald
Jim Rech replied on 22-Aug-08 10:23 AM
But to answer your question, no you cannot change the size of the icons.