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Asked By PuzzledByProgres on 16-Oct-08 11:40 AM
Line width in Excel 2007 has increased.  A .50 line in Excel 2007 seems as
width? Forms become very difficult to read when the width is so heavy.

Bernard Liengme replied on 16-Oct-08 02:01 PM
In XL2003 I using the Drawing tool to make a line
In XL2007 I used Insert | Shapes to insert a line
Each I formatted to have a width of 1 pt
I printed the two worksheets on the same printer (HP LaserJet 1200)
I cannot see any difference in their width with a 4X magnifying glass
Tell us more about your comparison
best wishes
Bernard V Liengme
Microsoft Excel MVP
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ShaneDevenshir replied on 17-Oct-08 02:38 AM

While you are answering Bernard's question, would you explain what lines you
are talking about? You say Forms become difficult to read?  So are you
talking about User Forms in VBA or something else all together?

I did the following experiment:  I used the Line tool in both cases.  I made
sure the lines were straight by holding down the Shift key as I created them.
(a line at a slight angle will tend not to look as smooth.) I created a 1.5
pt line in Excel 2003 and another one in 2007.  Then I copied the 2003 line
to 2007.  Finally I changed the Zoom to 400%.  The lines were vertually

So what could be going on?  Excel 2007 has much better graphics or so it
seems and so we are told.  But 2007 allows you to add Glow and Soft Edges as
well ad bevel and reflection to your lines.  Each of these might cause the
line to become less distinct.
Shane Devenshire