Excel - The arrow keys stopped working properly

Asked By Paul Smith on 27-Dec-08 11:06 AM
Dear All,

Suddenly, the arrow keys stopped working properly, i.e., when I hit
them, I get the start menu of Windows2000 instead of having the cursor
moving to a different cell in the Excel spreadsheet. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Charles W Davis replied on 26-Dec-08 01:09 PM

Try pressing the Scroll Lock key on your keyboard. ScrLk
Paul Hyett replied on 26-Dec-08 01:10 PM
microsoft.public.excel :

Could it be something to do with Scroll Lock?
Paul Hyett, Cheltenham (change 'invalid83261' to 'blueyonder' to email me)
Paul Smith replied on 27-Dec-08 11:06 AM
Thanks, Charles and Paul. That is solved now. It was a bug with VMware