Excel - "Margins do not fit page size" Error

Asked By skiing on 26-Mar-09 01:45 AM
I have a couple of files giving me an error stating "margins do not
fit page size".  Other Excel files are working fine.  Basically when I
go to preview / page setup / and drag the blue dotted line - then the
error occurs and I get blue dotted lines around all cells indicating
100's of print pages.  Also if I go to print preview and adjust the
scale - it seems to be adjusting the viewable scale  - and not the
printed scale.  The viewable image ( preview window) displays the
adjusted scale amount - but the printed page remains the same.
( example: if I choose 10% as the scale - the print preview is tiny -
but the page prints at 100%).  Thank you for your time and assistance !

James replied on 07-Apr-09 09:42 AM
I just installed 2007 MS Office Home & Student to a new machine. No matter what I try it sets a very small page layout causing margins that do not fit on a page and each cell acts as a page. Does not give me an 8.5by11 choice for page size. Set print area yields a print preview of a page for every cell.